PyCode Conference 2018

PyCode Conference 2018

PyCode Conference is a two day Polish event focused on Python and further is dedicated to providing the new brand of PyCode conference. The main purpose is to increase the participants qualifications and share knowledge about the latest trends in Python. This meeting is a great opportunity to establish new contacts, exchange experiences and ideas for the future. PyCode Conference 2018 is dedicated to Python specialists as well as for people who are just starting to code, including students.

Python specialists, passionates and novice programmers with big plans - on October 1-2, you must all be in the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, where the PyCode Conference 2018 will begin.

Come, make new contacts, exchange experiences and ideas for the future with over two hundred participants from Poland and Europe. During the two-day conference you will have the opportunity to participate in three paths: Polish, English and workshop. During a series of lectures and workshops, you will raise your qualifications and learn new applications of Python. Our guest list is constantly growing, and the names of such experienced programmers and activists in the Python Community like Pascal van Kooten, Piotr Tynecki and Adam Jurkiewicz appear among them.

Want to know more, right? Here are a few details:

Call for Proposals
Recruitment for lectures and workshops has been extended until July 14. We want to give everyone a chance to submit their lecture / workshop / discussion panel.
You can submit your lectures using the application form:

Form in english

At the end: integration afterparty awaits you. Who knows? Perhaps the most important contacts in your career you will start just then?

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01 October
Monday, h. 09:00

Copernicus Conference Center, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, 00-390 Warsaw

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Last chance (20.09 - 25.09)
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